About Sonia

Croatian born Sonia Palecek is...

...a fitness and lifestyle coach whose passion lies in postural restoration, vitality and longevity, which equates to sustainable energy for those who follow her program.

Trained, qualified and certified in Australia, Asia and UK Sonia’s holistic beliefs in health and fitness have resulted in not only seeking harmony in aligning with oneself but also with the environment.

Sonia is a creator and founder of Palecek Principles, an organization that seeks to educate and work with those who want to improve their health, fitness and appearance through personal training or taking part in group classes.

Leading and coaching a team of Pilates and Yoga teachers, personal trainers and therapists, Sonia has also set up community based group classes in London’s Chelsea and Belgravia. The team is coached to help clients build strong foundations in the body and help rehabilitate injuries before moving to more challenging routines.

With a background in personal training, aerobics and Pilates Sonia’s unique approach has helped many regain their fitness and optimal weight through increased body and mind awareness, strengthening of the core and developing an active lifestyle.

Sonia’s further interest and research in raw foods nutrition, self-healing and personal development has inspired many to make wise decisions in their lifestyle choices. Particularly popular is Sonia’s Body Camp Program, which helps people lose weight through cleansing, detoxing and aligning then educating how to sustain their evolving fitness and health goals.

Having gone on a journey of personal development herself, Sonia continues to work with cognitive behavior and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coaches in order to help clients reach their goals.

More recently Sonia has been building a new range of programs known as Power Alignment that are aimed at busy people looking for a more fulfilling way of life and enjoying investing in themselves in a time of increasing awareness that health is far more than just physical fitness. The programs include online video coaching, webinars, workshops, seminars and wellness retreats.

A member of the elite Pilates Foundation Sonia is also a keen skier, regularly practicing yoga and Pilates, enjoying mountain cycling, running, swimming and outdoor adventure.

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Success Stories

I'm healthier and fitter than I have ever been in my life and I am truly grateful to Sonia's Pilates program for making that possible. It's not just about being fitter and thinner. It's about becoming aware of my body, restoring my posture, and knowing how to use my muscles properly....Read More