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Very Empowering For All

The workshop was very empowering and left me feeling joyful. For the first time in my life I described myself as “amazing” and it felt great! Only seconds later, Sonia asked the group to pair-up to share our affirmations and one person be ‘A’ and the other ‘B’, Amazing and Brilliant… and suddenly I was Amazing. It was amusing to my partner and I. The whole course of ideas were re-affirming and made me feel ready to really kick start my dream.

--- Amanda Ramsay, Communications Professional


Easy, Interactive Learning Style

I really enjoyed the down to earth, easy to listen to and friendly interactive learning method Sonia used in her seminar. She has translated her knowledge of mental & physical health into very palatable capsules easy for anyone from any walk of life to swallow and make it an integral part of their life.

--- Darshana Shah, Director at LyncMeUp


Inspirational & Fun

It was very inspirational and fun. I’ve taken away lots of ideas and techniques and been reminded of ideals and goals I had left myself forget about within all the busyness of life. I will work hard to remember these and change my habits and attitudes for the better. Thank You.

--- Katherine Fogarty


Very Useful Tools

Sonia is bright, bubbly, energetic and a shining example – she is committed and means business and has a wealth of powerful information as well as very useful tools. Big Thanks.

--- Sarah Metcalfe, Raw Chocolatier



Workshop was very insightful and helped clear my mind and give me a method to achieve what I would like to achieve.

--- Vishal Desai


Her Energy Is Contagious!

The seminar was very enlightening. Sonia’s energy is contagious! It is always great to learn fresh approach to old issues.

--- Caroline Reuter



Its great Sonia is clearly not only an expert but also an authority in her field. She engages her participant in active learning and does it with humor and interesting real-life stories.

I was amazed at how effective I found her 5-minute routine – perfect to fit into a busy work schedule. I would thoroughly recommend Sonia’s Power Alignment to everyone. If your health and vitality is important to you, you need to be there.

--- Felicity LeRouge, Phenomenal Women Events


I Was Astounded...

I was astounded at just how every person once asked to think about it, had a part of their body that requires work. My own areas to work on became clear to me. It was very good to see that Sonia has the knowledge and skills to help me transform and get rid of stiffness and incorrect posture, particularly in my upper body.

--- Tim Cook, Director


Exercises I Can Do At My Desk

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was full of movement – from dancing to interesting exercises and stretches. I particularly liked the description of stabilizing and the active muscles. I plan to look into exercising my stabilizing – deep posture muscles. Also exercise at my desk when I am at work.

--- Peter Lloyd


A Wealth Of Useful Insight!

The seminar inspired me to look into my diet and helped me realize how little I am doing these days to maintain healthy body cells. What a wealth of useful insights and information for 90 minutes!! Highly essential and recommended. Sonia’s positive attitude is infectious.

--- O Harris, Art Dealer


New Information In An Inspiring Way

As always Sonia is very inspiring and makes me happy!

I learned a load of new information about the nutrients the body needs and where to find them. Until now I have never even heard of superfoods! It was great to gain a deeper understanding of the bodily processes and metabolism. I will definitely start thinking more about what I put in my mouth and what effect in has on my health and my energy.

--- Victoria Sammagard


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