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22nd Feb - 28th Feb 2016

Who else wants to look 7 years younger, stronger, fitter and healthier?

Well that's possible, and a lot more...

Reversing the aging clock and erasing facial wrinkles via Botox, or reducing love handles by going under the knife has been the only option for busy people in London, until now...

What you are about to see is 100% unique, and it works every time...

A new wellness programme I've been using with my clients has been helping them take a decade off the appearance and body shape even if they lead an ultra busy lifestyle.

Best of all - it only takes a week of practice!

“It is not a secret that reversing the biological clock is absolutely possible. Working intelligently and holistically from inside out can take years off your physical appearance without resorting to dangerous surgery, toxic injections, or hours of exercise.”

The name of the programme is ‘7 Days to Knock Off 7 Years’, and what I show you during those 7 days can transform YOU into a  radiant, energized and more youthful person.

“It takes some commitment, but when you see results in just one week
, even the most busy client gets excited”.


"I really enjoyed Sonia's '7 Days To Knock Off 7 Years' 1-week course"

"Sonia is so caring and passionate about getting us results!"

"I lost 8lb in one week... Wow!"

"I am so much fitter and absolutely committed to keeping my new fitness and health alive!"

Immediate Results From ONLY 1.5 Hour Per Day

During the one week programme, I'll work one-on-one with four people for up to 1.5 hours for the first five days. The remaining two days, you will simply follow my instructions whilst staying in touch with me via email.

You will go through 3 simple stages:

Stage 1 allows your body to become a more efficient fat burning furnace whilst boosting your energy.

Stage 2 builds a strong posture - which will take years off your appearance.

Stage 3 speeds toxin elimination and reduces internal and external stress.

“It is the stress and busyness of our lives that creates the over acidity in our bodies which ages our cells dramatically making us tired and unhealthy.” (quote from a recent magazine interview)

The first few days of this programme take place at my private studio in Chelsea and in my kitchen where you will discover simple ways to eat healthy.

One client, Ellen Morton said: “… the results were immediate.”

Ellen went on to say: “I have been a long-term insomniac and had given up on ever finding a proper sleep rhythm again. From the very first week my sleep patterns were transformed. My energy levels improved dramatically after the first week. I also now sleep through the night and have only had three nights of insomnia in six weeks versus five nights of insomnia a week!”

My next 1 week programme begins on 22nd February and will run twice a day, which gives you a choice to attend the day-based programme (9.30-11am) ... OR the evening-based programme (6.30-8pm). Students cannot attend both the day and evening programme.

The cost of the programme is only £297 for the week. All ages & fitness levels are welcome.

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22nd Feb - 28th Feb 2016 930 - 11AM

22nd Feb - 28th Feb 2016 630 - 8PM

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