How Entrepreneurs Can Fit Exercise Into Busy Lives
     by Sonia Palecek

Business is all about winning, learning and growing. 

Each one of those three actions requires energy, a lot of it as well, especially if your business is at the start phase and needs your undivided attention most of the times. 

On average, it takes a young business at least a couple of years to stand on its own feet and become an entity of its own. You’d better have enough fuel inside of you to see this through. 

On average – only 20% of the businesses survive the first 5 years and only 20% of those will survive the next 5. I am in the 20% group – and feel more driven, passionate and excited about my business than ever before. 

Health is all about self-respect and responsibility. 

Your physical, emotional and mental health are directly related to your business. When you are leaping with energy, when you feel good inside and you move your body frequently in the right way your business will respond with the similar zest. 

Question is: How to fit it all in?

Here are a few tips I’d like to share with you:

1. Embrace exercise as part of your daily routine

Same way you know you need to shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair – you need to find space and time for exercise. Try not to make a big deal of it – too much preparation, contemplation and thinking can lead to procrastination and self-sabotage. Just do it – and once you start and continue to do it regularly – you will find that in a matter of weeks you will have created a good healthy habit. 

2. Work out anywhere you can 

If getting to the gym looks like a chore and you can’t face the drive to it or are running late for the class – save yourself the stress and have a workout at home or outdoors. There are so many good DVDs around, fitness, dance, Yoga and Pilates, take a pick. You can also find online classes, which regularly update their class repertoire. By all means do go to the class when you can, as you will learn more that way – by asking questions and connecting with a teacher. When I need to boost my motivation I head to the gym to hang out with a bunch of trainers and like-minded people. And get myself a personal trainer too!

3. Vary your routine

You do not have to do the same routine over and over again. Stretching, core strength and posture restoration are very important so have a bits of that in your daily program, just focus on different areas. For example – one day you could work on the mobility and strength of the upper body, then next day focus on the lower body. Use small props such as dynabands and balls to add to variety. Get some weights for your strength workouts and if necessary get a trainer to set you up with a good program.

4. Break it down into chunks

All it takes is 20-30 minutes a day to exercise in a way that will keep the heart and lungs in a good working order, maintain muscle/lean tissue, strong bones and flexibility. Of course, if you can spare an hour – fantastic, but don’t just not do it because all you have is half an hour. You can break this down into two lots of 10-15 minutes. For example, you can do a quick run or a power walk first thing in the morning, and then do some yoga or Pilates when you come home from work. And on alternate days do your resistance program. Good time would be either before dinner or if you wait for a couple of hours after meal, you could do it then too. 

5. Take an active interest and learn 

Get some one on one classes with either a personal trainer or a yoga/Pilates teacher, as this way you will become much more aware of where your body is at and how to exercise correctly for your body type. Be fully present when training instead of just following absent-mindedly what they tell you to do. Ask questions, request to be shown alternative ways, so that you can build your own repertoire of exercises and routines for when they are not around. 

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