by Sonia Palecek

Skin is the largest organ of our body. The health and appearance of our skin is very much dependent on the health of our internal environment and organs. 

Our skin’s main functions are to:

- Offer protection to all the structures and organs underneath it
- Cover the body and serve as a barrier to various foreign substances entering our internal environment
- Regulate the temperature through sweat and perspiration
- Produce vitamin D 
- Provide us with as a feeling of hot and cold, vibrations, touch and pressure via its sensory function

There is one other skin related element we would all love to have – a beautiful, soft, blemish free skin and a dewy glowing complexion. Let’s see what it takes to have it.

When our body is unable to get rid of toxins the normal way (e.g. excretion and perspiration), it will use the skin for elimination! This means that various impurities can manifest themselves externally on the skin as pimples, blotches and acnes. In addition to that conditions such as dry chaffed skin, dark eye circles, body odour will also appear if the body is kept unhealthy, dehydrated and toxic. 

Liver is the strongest and largest organ inside the body, yet it is the most neglected. It is responsible for almost all bio-chemical processes in the body - including detoxification and cleansing. If the toxins are not addressed by the liver they will end up in the lungs, lymph, colon and kidneys. 

Overloaded and congested organs will show in a variety of ways from insomnia, tiredness, emotional upsets, back and muscular pain through to skin allergies, psoriases, circles under the eyes, red nose etc. Here is what you can do to help your organs and therefore your skin to glow:

• Increase the intake of living, green & high in water content foods – 70 – 80% of your daily diet should ideally be made of fresh vegetables, greens and fruit. Have them preferably raw as cooking over 47 degrees Celsius destroys the essential enzymes needed to help digest and assimilate nutrients. Go for the best and get organic, local and fresh from the farmers market as much as you can. If you are still not juicing your greens, you are missing out not only on alkalizing and oxygenating your body but also on boosting the skin loving essential minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. Get powdered wheat and barley grass if the thought of fresh is making you run. 

• Include superfoods and essential fats in your smoothies – as they will feed your body that may have been starved of good quality nutrients. Some of those are: 

- Aloe Vera is great to apply to the skin if fresh and it also stimulates collagen production
- Hemp is high in amino acids, essential fats and Vitamin E, so friend of your skin
- Acai berry is massively high in antioxidants and also treats skin disorders
- Avocado a day keeps wrinkles at bay!

• Avoid foods which will clog you: dairy products, refined and cooked carbohydrates, cooked fats, and meat. All of these foods are acid-forming in the body and cause a sluggish digestive system. If food travels too slowly through the body, toxins build up and are not carried away by the usual processes and are expelled via the skin, causing acne, blemishes and allergies. 

• Avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine – not only highly toxic and therefore placing a huge strain on your organs but also dehydrating your body of the essential water needed for metabolism. The giveaway signs are on the skin – that yellowy, dry, wrinkly skin is far from enviable.

• Exercise at least 4 times per week – movement combined with breath is the most effective way to stimulate lymph to cleanse itself. Exercise also promotes perspiration which is the easy way of toxins elimination. 

• Hydrate – not only will drinking enough water moisturize your skin from inside out but will also help to get rid of many skin related conditions. By flushing out toxins and impurities, water can make your skin clearer, smoother and younger looking. Drink at least 2 liters, but if you are a bigger person you will need more. Avoid drinking tap, filter your water and whenever you can go for the spring water ideally. 

• Dry skin brushing & massage – both are great ways to stimulate lymphatic cleanse. Get as strong bristle brush as you can take it and make it a part of your beauty regime to brush your body (always towards the heart) before taking shower. Pamper yourself with a massage when you can to release the knots, emotional pressure and improve circulation. Your skin will be thanking you and you will feel wonderful and energized too!

• Choose organic cosmetics over chemically loaded ones – clogging up your system does not only come from what goes into your body but also what goes on your skin. I know people who will only use organic raw coconut oil on their skin (face and body) and they swear by it. Read what your next cosmetic, shampoo or shower gel purchase contains before you buy it. 

• Sleep – this alone will make a real difference to your skin. Your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself during rest time making you feel and look fresh in the morning. Those who meditate during the day have an added benefit of deep rest, so if you are not one of them ensure you get to bed by 11pm and allow your body a good 8 hour sleep.

Always ask yourself –is this going to clog me or cleanse me? And if it is clogging you then it is likely it will show up on the skin! If you nourish your skin from the inside and out, your body will work in harmony and your skin will sparkle!


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