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Busy Travel Schedule

When I first met Sonia she did a detailed assessment of my health & fitness as well as my lifestyle. This way she was able to tailor make an efficient program for me that I do as my homework on the days when we are not training together. I travel a lot, so she has devised another routine for me that I can easily do even in my hotel room – to keep my metabolism high and my back supple. And lately I have been waking up 20 minutes earlier to do my sun salutations and my core exercises after which I feel more grounded, positive and ready to take on daily challenges.

--- Mark Stephens, Co Executive Director


Weight Loss & Total Health From One Source

Sonia has coached me to look into some emotional baggage I have been carrying ever since I can remember and has kept me positive and excited about my goal – losing excess weight off my body once and for all.

It is a very special kind of training that we do. I have never imagined you could get all of this under one roof and from one person. On certain days we will focus on stress release and thought awareness. I love the homework that she gives me. Most of all I love my new clothes, almost 3 sizes down since we have started working together 6 months ago. I have been on weight loss programs in the past and although I’d lose weight, I would not feel I had the energy to keep it together. And the thought of not ever eating something used to seem impossible. I am starting to feel the freedom, certainly the cravings are gone. But most importantly, I feel longer and taller because of all the lengthening work that we do. Even weight training is different than what I used to do in the gym. Each movement is executed with great precision and attention to detail. Every session is different, you cannot get bored. She will expertly keep my heart rate up during the fat busting part. As I travel a lot, we arrange to have a skype call and this keeps me on track and motivates me to stick to my healthy routine. Sonia really understands my needs and I feel blessed to have been introduced to such a passionate and a genuine fitness coach.

--- G. Martinez, 49, Art Dealer


Lower Back Pain Gone

After years of osteopathic treatments and still in back pain I was in despair with how to cope being a young mother to another little girl born 4 months prior to meeting Sonia. Sonia straight away addressed the main culprits to my overall lack of well being. For me it was my posture, lack of hydration, deep breathing and essential mineral intake.

It has taken us only a few sessions for my back pain to disappear and I find myself more and more aware of how I hold myself throughout the day. I find it incredible at how fast my strength is returning since being pregnant. The exercises look sometimes deceivingly easy, but they are a far cry from it as every one of them carries a certain challenge in it. I actually feel like I have toned abdominals and perky bottom for the first time in my life!


--- Laura Bell, 29, student & mother of 2


No More Pain After Just 2 Sessions

I had never worked with a personal trainer as knowledgeable about posture as Sonia. Her ability to pick up on my target areas needing work was exceptional and her focus on stretching along with strengthening positions made a clear impact on my back pain in only 2 sessions. She gave me plenty of great insights into the nutrition and raw foods and how to boost my energy by looking into my lifestyle. Our work together has given me the ability to proceed with getting back into shape after my second child.

--- Linda Khatri, mother of 2


Fast Results!

I love fast results and working with Sonia has been fast to say the least. In 5 weeks I have not only gone down 2 dress sizes, but I have now also signed up for my first 5 mile run this autumn. I never used to run as I thought I was too heavy and it would be too impactful on my joints. Sonia has started me Power Walking and this is such a workout in itself that I started running as it felt easier than her power walking. Detailed posture analysis has shown that my feet were weak and unsupportive of my weight. Sonia’s foot and leg exercises have revolutionized my movement and put a spring in my step.

--- Anna Novak


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