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From Skeptical To Raving Fan

“I started to attend Palecek classes out of pure despair-and a bit skeptical- my neck was badly blocked for weeks, I was on painkillers and could not sleep. My initial skepticism was overcome by talking to Sonia and since the first class I have literally fallen in love with Sonia and her individual attitude to every participant. I felt absolutely welcome even if it was the first Pilates lesson in my life. I have started to attend her classes regularly, which helped me to strengthen my neck, shoulder and arm muscles. I am off the pills and I do feel my body is re-energized and my soul distressed after each class. Highly recommended!”

--- Alice Vondrys, 37, Lecturer


Brilliant, Inspirational, and Very Useful!

I have been attending Sonia’s Pilates classes for a very long time now, and I can honestly say that as a person who has undergone two hip replacement operations, who works full time, and has a family with three children, I find it thrilling that I still manage to find time to go almost every Monday. I fully enjoy every class I go to. Sonia as a Pilates Foundation Teacher is absolutely fantastic, full of energy, imaginative, professional, and her spirit is felt throughout each and every session. Her very thoughtful and caring nature see her attempt to fulfill the needs of every one of her clients, and she changes the exercises specifically to suit the different problems we’re experiencing (whether it be back pain, knee pain, hip pain, muscle fatigue, arthritis, scoliosis, etc.).

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with other Palecek Principles instructors – Charlotte and Kirsty, who also maintained a very professional, high standard within the classes, which only shows that Sonia chooses her instructors with great care, and then leads and inspires them expertly.

After the classes, I feel incredible, stretched, flexible, refreshed and ready to face the new challenges my week brings. Sonia’s enthusiasm is awesome, and it is clear to see within every class that this is an individual who truly loves and relishes in what she does, and wants to use her vast knowledge and experience to help all those who need it. She is not only trying to help us in the short term, but also in the long term, by teaching us to recognize and respect the needs of our bodies.

In short: brilliant, inspirational, and very useful. Come and experience it for yourselves!

--- Milena Mehak-Zunic, 50


Feeling Fitter and Fresher After Each Class

Working on Pilates under Sonia is a great experience. Our posture and balance have improved and although tired after a class paradoxically we feel fitter and fresher at the same time!

Sonia takes care to match the routines to our level but always includes a few challenges that give us something to aim for in future.

--- Clive & Etsuko Galliver


Energy In Every Session!

I have been taking pilates off and on for five years mainly using DVD's and classes offered at my gym. The classes with Sonia Palecek are great. It's the only class that is over before you know it. And you just want more. Sonia brings energy to every session as well a critical eye for what is not being done correctly. I always learn new things in her classes and often it is on an exercise that I have done for years. Sonia leads the classes & challenges each one in her classes. Her clients stay with her for years.

--- Connie Ramachandran, 51


The Body Awareness Of A Yogi...

As a dance teacher and budding yogi I thought I had a good level of body awareness. I had never tried Pilates before and wondered how different and how useful it would be to me. I was practically led to your class after bumping into you putting up your banner outside your studio, after an extraordinarily stressful day at work.

But I am so glad I did. You were wonderfully generous, warm, knowledgeable and confidence-inspiring as a teacher and I felt lucky to have had so much personal attention during my first class. I am already more aware of my posture and core muscles and re-examining my plumb lines for the first time in ages and developing awareness of what I need to work on!

I look forward to working with you in the future and thank you for the gifts you've already given me.

--- Kiera Adegbite


More Muscle Strength!

"Sonia’ s class cater to each person's individual needs. We all progress at our own pace and we get 100% attention to our needs. Since I started Sonia's class, my core muscles are much more stronger, my back pain is gone and I feel truly positive every time after the session. She combines Yoga and Pilates in a fundamentally amazing way."

--- M. Kiso, mother of 2


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